“Teachers open our eyes to the world. They give us curiosity and confidence. They teach us to ask questions. They connect us to our past and future. They’re the guardians of our social heritage. We have lots of heroes today – sportsmen, supermodels, media personalities. They come, they have their fifteen minutes of fame, and they go. But the influence of good teachers stays with us. They are the people who really shape our life.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Z”L, “From Optimism to Hope”

Here are our fantastic teaching volunteers for the 5784 / 2023-24 school year!

Steven Carini (Music & floating aide)

Alexis Haasky (Judaics 4/5 team)

Karen Hirsch (Co-Principal & Hebrew 6/7)

Hannah Kanfer (Judaics K-3 Team)

Joan May (Co-Principal, float)

Sandra McGuire (Judaics 4/5 team)

Sol Miller (Hebrew 5/6)

Jennifer Nelson (Judaics 6/7 & Hebrew 4)

Rabbi PJ Schwartz (Tefillah, parents, float)

Larisa Thomason (Judaics PS/PK)

Greg Wallach (Judaics K-3 team)

While staff are all volunteers, they are compensated via discounted tuition for their own children or monetary gifts and recognition throughout the year. We are also delighted to have occasional volunteers for special programs, including art, cooking, music, or community events. It is a mitzvah to educate our youth and a mitzvah to support our youth educators.

We are fortunate to have filled our regular teaching and administrative roles for this school year, but are always looking for good candidates for future years. We have a particular need for Hebrew teachers to assist students with their liturgy-based Hebrew workbooks and related activities. (See curriculum page and registration packet for more info).

Please visit our volunteer page and contact Principal Karen Hirsch at nachas.hsv@gmail.com for more information.