NACHaS is an independent organization that began as a joint venture between two of Huntsville’s Jewish congregations: Temple B’nai Sholom and Huntsville Conservative Synagogue (Etz Chayim Congregation).

At NACHaS, we believe our children should strengthen their faith in God, their love of Torah, and their identification with the Jewish people. We hope to inspire a strong sense of Jewish community and enrich their observance of Jewish practices, literacy, education and values. Our goals are to:

  • Make a sincere effort to help each student cultivate a sense of pride in being Jewish, and find comfort and joy in their Judaism
  • Develop a sense of respect and caring for each other and a greater feeling of spirituality leading to good deeds and faith in G-d
  • Instill a sense of responsibility for ourselves and those less fortunate through active, personal participation in Tzedakah, T’filah and Tikkun Olam
  • Familiarize students with Jewish observance through worship and prayer including study, attendance at religious services, and special holiday celebrations
  • Familiarize students with Torah, Jewish ethics, Israel and convey an awareness of and appreciation for the richness of Jewish history and literature.
  • Stimulate a process of continuous learning and living which extends beyond the Religious School and lasts a lifetime