Kinder & 1st

Hi I’m Larisa. I began teaching religious school in 2000 and have either taught or been principal for 20 years. 

I took a year off in 2020 because I was getting a little burned out, but I do love hanging out with kids. Although my first love is teaching K/1 – because I’m a big kid still and love to color and roll around on the floor – I also LOVE working with the bar/bat mitzvah age students who are really starting to ask hard questions about what Judaism is and why it’s important to their daily life.  Those are questions that every Jew should ask themselves every day, so I look forward to working through it with this year’s class.

My favorite Jewish food is latkes!  Nobody has ever cooked a potato in a way that I won’t eat it, but crispy, fried latkes are THE BEST!

My fun facts are that I live with my sweet hubby on a small farm with a big summer garden, 20 chickens, 4 cats, a dog, a donkey, and a pony.  We keep kosher, are vegetarian, and love hiking and watching Mel Brooks movies over and over.